<p>Justin Timberlake</p>

Justin Timberlake

Credit: NBC

Music Power Rankings: Justin Timberlake narrowly tops David Bowie

Pink and Dave Grohl also make the list

1. Justin Timberlake: First he conquers “Saturday Night Live,” then he slays it on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” for five nights in a row. #EGOTby35

2. Luke Bryan: The country star lands his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with “Spring Break...Here to Party.” Are we the only ones that find it a little creepy that at 36 he’s still celebrating Spring Break?

3. David Bowie: His first album in 10 years, “The Next Day” looks like it will enter at the top of the charts next week. Not bad for someone who did absolutely nothing to help promote the set.

4. SXSW: Hipsters decry the annual music convention in Austin is so over as they simultaneously whine that they can’t get into the Prince or “Sound City” shows.

5. Dave Grohl:
His status as most-beloved rock star remains intact after a passionate, soul-stirring keynote at SXSW.

6. Quincy Jones:
The legend turned 80 this week and he’s still more active than four 20 -year olds combined.

7. Pink: It’s looking like the biggest hit from “The Truth About Love” is still to come as “Just Give Me A Reason,” featuring fun’s Nate Ruess  soars 47-18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

8. The Grammys: NARAS will produce a Grammy-themed cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Grammy winners and nominees will perform and there will be more than 4,000 Grammy artifacts on board.

9. AEG: In quite the surprise move, the concert promotion/live venue company is taken off the market (after not getting the $8 million it was asking for) and longterm majordomo Tim Leiweke departs. Is that just the start of the changes?

10. Yahoo: Because the world needs another festival, Yahoo announces “Yahoo on the Road,” a 21-date summer outing featuring such acts as Fun., The Lumineers, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons.

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<p>The cover of Bon Jovi's &quot;What About Now&quot;</p>

The cover of Bon Jovi's "What About Now"

It's David Bowie vs. Bon Jovi for No. 1 on next week's Billboard 200

Which one of the veterans will come out on top? Six new entries slated for Top 10

It’s a battle of the veterans on the Billboard 200 next week as Bon Jovi and David Bowie duke it out for the top spot. They are far from the only entries in the top 10: potentially six new titles come on the chart.

With two days left in the chart week, Bon Jovi’s “What About Now” is slightly ahead of David Bowie’s first new album in 10 years, “The Next Day,” for No. 1. “Now” will sell up to 90,000, while it looks like “Next” will top out around 80,000.

Also looking good for Top 10 debuts are Christian Contemporary group Passion’s “Let The Future Begin” coming in at No. 5, Eric Clapton’s covers album, “Old Sock” (and the first on his own label, Bushbranch,” entering at No. 6, Dave Grohl’s “Sound City Soundtrack” at No. 7, and boy R&B group Mindless Behavior’s  “All Around The World” at No. 8.

Rounding out the Top 10 will be this week’s No. 1 set, Luke Bryan’s “Spring Break: Here To Party,” at No. 3, Bruno Mars’ “Unorthodox Jukebox,” at No. 4, Mumford & Sons’ “Babel” at No. 9 and Jimi Hendrix’s “People, Hell and Angels” at No. 10, according to Hits Daily Double.


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Watch: The Strokes take you on tour in new 'All The Time' music video

Watch: The Strokes take you on tour in new 'All The Time' music video

The band revisits concerts of yore for new clip

“Who the hell are the Strokes?”  The New York band tries to answer that question posed in their video for the spiky, upbeat “All The Time.”

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Album Review: Justin Timberlake's 'The 20/20 Experience'

Album Review: Justin Timberlake's 'The 20/20 Experience'

Does he have perfect vision?

With "The 20/20 Experience," Justin Timberlake has made a work that is a complete anathema in Pop World 2013: an album that is meant to be listened to from start to finish.

As a whole, “The 20/20 Experience,” out March 19, is a deeply retro effort that pays homage to Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Frank Sinatra in both music and sentiment. However, Timberlake and producer Timbaland don’t get stuck in the past and, as much as the album is influenced by musical icons of yore, it is determined to look to the future as well.

If Timberlake is feeling the hot breath of newer, fresher artists like Bruno Mars —his most obvious heir apparent— or Frank Ocean breathing down his neck, he doesn’t show it. Quite the opposite: Timberlake infuses “The 20/20 Experience” with a disarming, radiant confidence that occasionally surpasses the material. He’s a one-man charm offensive and an electrifying performer, as his most recent stint on “Saturday Night Live” showed.

At its best, “The 20/20 Experience” feels like its own invention: an exploration into what it means to take the traditional confines of pop and then see how far those boundaries can be pushed. It’s not a new idea for Timberlake: on 2006’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” he and Timbaland set about deconstructing pop, only to construct a new monster, filled with shape-shifting songs and musical interludes. To keep with that theme, at its worst, “The 20/20 Experience”  feel like sets of unfinished lab experiments stretched far too thin. Every one of the 10 tunes here creeps up to or surpasses the seven-minute mark, often to their own detriment.

The album opens with “Pusher Love Girl,”  a sultry, slinky stunner that finds Timberlake breaking out his clarion clear falsetto early. Over hand claps and horns, he pays homage to the female that means more to him than any drug. She’s his “hydroponic jelly bean.” Is there anyone else on God’s green earth that could pull off calling someone that? Like many of the songs on “20/20,” about five minutes in, “Pusher Love Girl” morphs into a swirling interlude as he chants, “I’m just a junkie, a junkie for your love.”

Other highlights include first single, the mood-setting, Jay-Z-starring “Suit & Tie"; and the delicious “Strawberry Bubblegum,” a Prince-inspired pop confection laced with plenty of innuendo. He’ll be your blueberry lollipop, baby, and he’s going to love you till “we make it pop."  Current single, “Mirrors,"  is a pop marvel, and, as he’s shown by his television performances with his band, JT and the Tennessee Kids, it only gets better as it is performed live. The gorgeous melody features layer upon layer of Timberlake’s vocals stacked upon each other until it feels like they can reach the heavens.

“Mirrors,” and possibly every song on here,  is an ode to Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel. The album is a veritable love letter to her, but an honest one: one that combines carnal urges with the fears and tribulations of what it means to be a man in a serious, committed relationship. On the soulful slow jam “Spaceship Coupe,”  he’s ready to get his groove on in their “space lover cocoon” as they trip the galactic light fantastic.  On  the horn-drenched, old-style “That Girl,” introduced by an emcee as if he and his band are playing in a club in the ‘60s, Timberlake sells every note of devotion. The album closes with the underwater, dreamy, sound-effect laden kaleidoscope of “Blue Ocean Floor,” which sounds like something from Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange.” The song is a druggy, slo-mo, strange slice.

While there are some gems on “The 20/20 Experience,” the listeners’ reactions will depend largely on how big a journey they are willing to take. Too often, Timberlake--and Timbaland-- forego any semblance of a hook or a catchy chorus (in fact there’s nary one to be found on the album) for experimental sonic landscapes.  They confuse repetition with creating an actual song. On “Let the Groove Get In,” which will make an incredible dance remix, the African and Latin rhythms enchant and captivate, but they never go anywhere or actually do anything.

It’s a trippy record and a daring one, but very few of the songs deserve the over-extended treatment they receive. Most of the tunes would have greatly benefitted from some trimming, even if that meant delivering a 40-minute album instead of a 70-minute one.

The consistent thread is, of course, Timberlake’s self-assured vocals. Whether he’s singing in falsetto or in a lower register or rapping or vocalizing non-sensical words, his delivery sounds never less than inspired. In a way that few contemporary artists have, Timberlake has a clear command of what works for him and he’s a thrilling vocalist. But in hindsight, “The 20/20 Experience” could have used a little more focus.

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Watch: Paramore's new lyric video for 'Still Into You'

Watch: Paramore's new lyric video for 'Still Into You'

A story told by shadow hands

Following “Now,” the first single from its self-titled fourth album,  Paramore has premiered a new tune, “Still Into You.”

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Interview: Snoop Dogg on Snoop Lion, 'Reincarnated' and Tupac Shakur

Interview: Snoop Dogg on Snoop Lion, 'Reincarnated' and Tupac Shakur

Plus, he answers Bunny Wailer's issues about his turn to reggae

Snoop Dogg has had a change of heart. In the documentary, “Reincarnated,” about the making of his new reggae-influenced album of the same name, he explains that he felt the need to put positive energy and love into the universe through his music.  “There’s so much negativity and death and destruction that we need to match that with peace, love and happiness, as opposed to matching that negative with a negative,” he tells HitFix.

As the documentary, which opens Friday, chronicles, Snoop Dogg, now known as Snoop Lion, goes to Jamaica to record “Reincarnated” with production duo Major Lazer at the helm. While much of the movie shows him getting stoned with any and everyone, there are also poignant segments that touch upon his path and light the way to his unexpected conversion to Rastafarianism. “I wasn’t expecting nothing but a reggae album, and the spirit called me,” he tells HitFix.

As he records, he meets with Bunny Wailer, helps his cousin through a tragedy that occurs during their trip, and tries to resolve the horrible pain he still feels about his friend Nate Dogg’s death, as well as Tupac Shakur’s murder. He also discovers a sense of connection between the rappers, like Bob Marley, growing up in Trenchtown in Jamaica and his own upbringing in Long Beach, Calif. “It gave me a feeling of, ‘wow, music is the same no matter where you go.’ It made me feel like what we were doing as kids was definitely destiny.”

A few days ago, I interviewed Snoop at Westlake Recording Studios in West Hollywood, Calif. Though he was running about 90 minutes behind, when I did sit down with him (he, of course, was lighting up between interviews), he was very forthcoming about the project and how long he thinks Snoop Lion will be around (will he ever sing “Gin & Juice” again?). He candidly addressed why he will never be able to let go of Tupac’s death, and had a few words for Wailer, who has disavowed Snoop’s reggae career and the intention behind it.

Whether it’s the marijuana or his nature or both, Snoop Dogg is definitely the mellowest person I’ve even interviewed who was vertical.

The album, “Reincarnated,” which also features Drake and Chris Brown,  as well as Snoop’s daughter, Cori B, comes out April 23. He also talks about how being a parent informed his changes.


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<p>Justin Timberlake</p>

Justin Timberlake

Credit: Patrick Seeger/AP

Justin Timberlake takes over the CW on March 19

Enjoy the latest performances from 'Timberweek' on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Justin Timberlake took over NBC this week with last Saturday’s guest hosting of “Saturday Night Live” and his 5-night stand on “Late Night WIth  Jimmy Fallon.”

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Justin Timberlake's top 10 singles: 2001-2013

Justin Timberlake's top 10 singles: 2001-2013

Do you agree with our selections?

As Justin Timberlake’s new solo album, “The 20/20 Experience” prepares to land in stores March 19, we take a look back at his best singles over the course of his career, whether as a solo artist, a member of ‘N Sync or as a featured artist.  These are based on our preference, not the song's chart rank. Regardless of whether you agree with our selections, there’s no denying that Timberlake brings something special to every song to which he lends his glorious falsetto and undeniable style...even if he isn't wearing a suit and tie.

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'Harlem Shake' spends a fourth week atop the Billboard Hot 100

Who else is making chart moves this week?

Harlem Shake” makes it four weeks in a row atop the Billboard Hot 100 even though Baauer’s viral sensation drops in YouTube streaming and radio airplay (and is also the subject of a dispute by two vocalists).

The top three positions remain static as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop” stays at No. 2 and Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” holds at No. 3, according to Billboard.

Rihanna’s “Stay” featuring Mikky Ekko rises 5-4, while Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” rises 8-5 following the song’s performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” falls 4-6, Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” slips 6-7,  Will.i.am and Britney Spears’ “Scream & Shout” inches 7-8, Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” featuring Drake and Future climbs 11-9, and Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven” spends its 20th week in the Hot 100 at No. 10, down one spot from last week.

Look for Pink’s “Just Give Me A Reason,” featuring fun’s Nate Ruess to enter the top 10 next week, as it soars 47-18 this week.

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<p>Taylor Swift in &quot;22&quot;</p>

Taylor Swift in "22"

Watch: Taylor Swift and her gal pals star in new clip for '22'

It's girls day out in the latest music video from 'Red'

Taylor Swift didn’t go to college, but she’s living the sorority girl life in her new video for “22.” Albeit a very G-rated one.

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