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The World's End
In Theaters:
Friday, August 23, 2013
Edgar Wright
Why we're excited:
It's been six years since "Hot Fuzz" opened, and we're positively desperate to see Edgar Wright reunite with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. This story of old friends who are reunited for a pub crawl on the same night that some terrible things start to happen in London has been kept under wraps so far, and without having seen a single moment from the film, we're already excited. Nobody bends genre with the same glee as Edgar Wright, and as "Scott Pilgrim" proved, he continues to develop his already exciting sense of visual language from film to film. If this is even half as funny as "Fuzz" and "Shaun Of The Dead," it will be a highlight of the summer.

- Drew McWeeny


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  • The World's End Photo Gallery
The World's End

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