Tonight's episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive" is called "This House Killed Her," so you know it's bad. How bad, you ask? Well, you can watch below if you're not sure. And you have a strong stomach. That would help. 

After 65-year-old Cynthia passes away, her daughters Aimee and Cheryl have no clue how cruddy their mother's house was before her death. Only Cynthia's son Jimmy, who lived with her, knew how bad his mom's compulsive hoarding had become. Five months after Cynthia's death, the house sits vacant, and finally the family must join forces to purge all the junk, roaches and rats that have taken over. It won't be easy, and the worst part? In all this junk, they need to find the paperwork proving their mom actually owned the house. No wonder the sisters can barely hold it together when they first walk in.  

Watch the sisters take in the horror of it all in this exclusive clip. 

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