Sitting down with Matthew Beard, Joshua Sasse and Leah Gibson to discuss their new series, "Rogue," what's immediately striking is their accents. Beard and Sasse are Brits and Gibson Canadian. I wondered what it was like on the set with so many actors from so many places (star Thandie Newton all coming together to play a buch of tough Hungarian criminals and the cops who hunt them. 

The trio, who seemed to be as warm and friendly as their characters are prickly, shrugged off the Tower of Babylon experience as par for the course. What was a surprise to them, though, was learning exactly how crime syndicates in the U.S. make their  money. Drugs are, of course, one way, but so is pizza dough. Yes, pizza dough.

I also talked to the trip about the sex scenes on the show, which Gibson admitted came as a surprise to her. But she and Sasse agreed that, as raw as the scenes were, they helped to fuel both the story and their characters. 

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