Can't wait another minute for the third season of "Downton Abbey"? Really, the first episode airs Sun. Jan. 6, so it's quite unrefined to get that keyed up. Consider drinking some tea or something. Luckily, knowing how high strung we Americans are (not so high strung they couldn't hold off on broadcasting the season here more than three months behind its U.K. air dates, but whatev), the powers-that-be have posted ten minutes of the first episode on Facebook. As you might have guessed, the place is buzzing about the long-awaited nuptials of Matthew and Mary, but that doesn't mean there isn't drama and an ominous sense of foreboding.

No spoilers here, but things are changing for the inhabitants of Downton, and not necessarily for the better. Thomas and Mrs. O'Brien may not be fast friends for long, as Rob James Collier has hinted in public appearances, and Mr. Bates is still behind bars -- though Anna is working hard to free him. To tell more would give away too much -- and you want to watch those ten minutes, don't you?

Click here to watch the snippet, but be forewarned: classy public television, not unlike crack, just leaves you wanting more. 

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