Well, for all those who bought into "Property Wars," why not up the ante with bigger buys? That's the focus of "Property Wars" (airing tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on Discovery), as Scott Menaged, Doug Hopkins and the other grabby guys stand around outside foreclosed properties and yell bids over the phone. Hey, reality TV can't all be glamorous!

There is a big surprise at the auction in Phoenix during this episode, as a new team from Los Angeles is in town to stake their claim. New buyer Christina heads to the first house of the day where she is challenged by John’s veteran knowledge. Next the buyers move to Fountain Hills, where Doug and Ed battle it out. At the last house, Christina and Scott square off, as he hopes to prove that it takes more than pretty looks to succeed in Phoenix.

Watch two clips from tonight's episode:

Not every auction results in a sensible sale. Even though all signs point to this property being more trouble than it's worth, Scott snaps up a house on "the dollar menu." And this fast food won't go down easy. 

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