If you've found yourself wondering if you know any swingers, Discovery Fit & Health is here to tell you that you probably do -- at least if you live in Atlanta. In the new four-part series "Secret Sex Lives: Swingers" (premieres Sat. Sept. 7 at 10:00 p.m.), the show follows five nice Southern couples with jobs and friends and homes that do not appear to be mangy strip clubs who just happen to enjoy screwing around with other people.

That's not to say they don't feel terrible about it sometimes, usually when they're talking to their pastors about how their lifestyle will shame and humiliate their families if their secret is exposed. But otherwise? They have no problem talking about swinging on a nationally televised TV show. Go figure!

The show promises to open a window onto "a part of society often unseen and misunderstood" as it follows these people through their double lives as upstanding members of society and people who like to get down and funky with new friends. What we won't get to see is when these people realize that appearing in a TV series tends to get the word out about their "secret" lifestyles. But that's a series for another day, I guess!

Will you watch "Secret Sex Lives: Swingers"? 

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