Watch: Sarah Paulson talks 'American Horror Story' at PaleyFest

She's seen her next co-star naked, but 'tried to pretend' she hadn't

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Sarah Paulson tells Liane Bonin Starr about her efforts to craft the intense and serious Lana for American Horror Story: Asylum. Paulson goes on to leak details about her upcoming film with Michael Fassbender, Twelve Years a Slave

As Lana on the second season of "American Horror Story," Sarah Paulson had to take a character from naive idealism to battle-scarred warrior. I spoke to the actress at Paleyfest, and she talked about what it takes to create a tough cookie character who can go head-to-head with not one, but two serial killers. 

Paulson also talked about her next film project, "Twelve Years A Slave," in which she co-stars with Michael Fassbender. Fassbender, who's known for roles in "Inglorious Basterds" and "X-Men: First Class," also caused a stir in 2011 in "Shame," in which he played a sexual addict -- a frequently naked sexual addict, to be clear.

Paulson "tried to pretend I didn't know what it all looked like," though admitted that she was a little disappointed that, in playing his wife in "Twelve Years" she missed out on any kind of romantic scenes with Fassbender, given that their on-screen marriage was a bad one. Such a shame. After Lana's hellish stint in an asylum (and later, in a serial killers grip) on "American Horror Story," doesn't the lady deserve a break? 

Liane Bonin Starr is an author, screenwriter and former writer for Her byline has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Variety and a lot of other places. Her last book was called "a scandalously catty, guilty pleasure" by Jane magazine. Expect the same from Starr Raving.
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