Having seen the advance footage of "An Adventure in Space and Time" (premieres on BBC America Nov. 2013), I suspect even people who are more fans of first season "Mad Men" and not "Doctor Who" may still be fired up to see this TV movie. It tells the story of the genesis of the show, which first aired Nov. 23, 1963. That means lots of retro costumes, great old cars, London streets and a little train that could tale about a show everyone suspected was a whole hella lot of crazy.

I got a chance to talk to David Bradley ("Harry Potter," "Game of Thrones") as well as writer Mark Gatiss ("Sherlock) about the movie while we were all at Comic-Con, and it seems the "Doctor Who" legacy is in very good hands.

Gatiss, who has been a "Who" fan since childhood, is quick to point out that the movie isn't an episode of "Doctor Who" but isn't a straight biopic, either. We discussed doilies, Gatiss' just announced part on "Game of Thrones" (though he wasn't dishing details) and why anyone can dive into "An Adventure in Space and Time." 


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