There are a lot of perks to being famous. Free stuff, big money, annoying paparazzi following you around and taunting you... okay, it's not all fun. But super chef/writer/personality Anthony Bourdain has just created yet another win for stars with "The Getaway," the reality TV travel show he's producing for the Esquire Network. Premiering Sept. 25 at 9:00 p.m., the show follows stars like Joel McHale, Aisha Tyler, Aziz Ansari, Eve, and more as they wander around the exotic locale of their choice, drinking in the scenery and living like a local, probably all expenses paid. 

Each hour-long episode offers the inside track to a different city -- from what to eat and drink, where to shop and hang out -- through the eyes of these stars: 

Joel McHale in Belfast, Ireland

Aisha Tyler in Paris

Eve in Kingston, Jamaica

Aziz Ansari in Hong Kong

Chef Jose Andres in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Josh Gad in New York City

"True Blood"'s Ryan Kwanten in Los Angeles

Seth Meyers and his brother Josh in Amsterdam

Rashida Jones in London

Paul Feig in Boston

Watch the first look of "The Getaway."


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