There are so many reasons to find "Anna Nicole" depressing before you've even watched it. First, the trailer is set to the saddest rendition of the song "Fame" you've ever heard. Then, the Lifetime movie is directed by "American Psycho"'s Mary Harron, who definitely classes up the joint but whom you'd hope would have better things to do. I hope this is her "Star 80," but given that it's Lifetime, there's a better chance of this being akin to Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick."

Still, the cast is impressive -- Martin Landau, Adam Goldberg and Virginia Madsen all show up, while the role of Anna Nicole Smith goes to Agnes Bruckner, who has popped up in small roles on "Private Practice" and "Covert Affairs." The good news? Even if this biopic tanks her career, she'll still be better off than the movie's sad protagonist.

Watch the trailer for "Anna Nicole" (which airs June 29) below. 

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