After six seasons of "Little People, Big World," Matt and Amy Roloff seemingly rode into the syndication sunset in 2010, happy to work on their massive farm near Portland, Oregon and watch their four kids flutter out of the nest. But TLC has announced that the Roloffs are returning to the series grind with "Little People Big World: Wedding Farm" (premiering Tues. Nov. 13 at 9:00 p.m.), a six-episode series following the couple's decision to get into the wedding industry. Amy talked to HitFix about why she and Matt took on yet another endeavor, how they've managed to stay married for 25 years, and why she refuses to renew her vows on TV, even though they have the perfect venue right in their own backyard. 

With the kids leaving the nest, why take on a new endeavor like the wedding farm?  

As Matt and I begin to become empty nesters, we thought we'd give it a try to do something together.  It's been hard and a good thing at the same time.  The farm has a lot of memories for both of us and how wonderful it would be to have a significant moment in other people's lives begin here at the farm.  Wow.  

How many weddings have you had on the farm thus far, and what has surprised you most about the wedding industry?
We've done four weddings.  [What's surprising is] how the bride and the wedding planner, if they have one, work together.  Sometimes they can be on different ends.  Some brides are quite flexible and others are very particular.  All were beautiful weddings in their own right.
How is your marriage? Did the show have an impact on your relationship?  
Of course! How can a big event like television come into your life and not impact our lives?  We are doing pretty good so far after almost 250 episodes, though.  That I'm thankful for.  I've always tried to have my first role/responsibility/job as mom come first before any TV we were doing. A family always is changing, so there are always more stories to tell.  We'll see.
What do you consider the secret to having such a long marriage?
Know that you will not like each other sometimes. You'll have differences in what you think, perceptions of life, and yes, you do change, but hopefully your core doesn't.  You'll have ups and downs but in the long run being together is still the best thing.  It's always a work in process, the relationship is sometimes hard, but there are a lot of great moments, great times, and fun, meaningful memories too.  It has to be worth it to you to fight and hang in there. 
Is there less stress now that you're just doing a six-episode run?  
Yes, for the most part.  Sometimes it's hard to get back into it.  It's like, 'oh yeah, this is what we do and how it is done, and who is the camera person again, especially if they're new?' But it also gives us more of an opportunity to work on what we do together and individually, [plus] our relationship to each other and our kids.
What did you miss about doing the series? What are you glad to be done with?  
I miss the wonderful people I've had the opportunity to meet, hearing their stories, and the impact the show has had on a lot of people.  To continue to take that and make a difference in my life and hopefully others' lives as well. Spending a little more time with my kids [and] friends that have understood what we have been doing and are still there.
Any interest in tying the knot again now that you have a wedding farm?  
For me, I wouldn't do it on TV.  We've seen what that has done to other couples. I'm thankful that Matt and I have reached a milestone in our marriage -- 25 years together.  I'd like to hold on to that myself, personally.  In the good and not so good times, we are still here together, loving each other in our own way.  
What's next on the agenda after the wedding farm?  
That is a question we'll be asking ourselves.
Any thoughts of retiring or scaling back?  
Hmm.... not sure what that means!   
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