The 7 year-old everyone loves to hate (or love, or a little of both) is back with all new episodes of TLC’s series "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" on Wed. July 17 at 9:00 p.m. Averaging 2.3 million viewers last fall, the controversial show returns with the latest from the proudly farting, burping and mud diving family. 

The show follows Alana “Honey Boo Boo,”  her stay-at-home mom June “Mama,” chalk-mining dad Mike “Sugar Bear,” sisters Lauryn “Pumpkin,” Jessica “Chubbs,” Anna “Chickadee” and baby niece, Kaitlyn. The series, which comes back after a run of holiday specials, provides a candid look inside their lives in McIntyre, GA. This summer, watch the family take part in hijinks like butter rolling, tap dancing lessons and wrestling events. Yes, butter rolling. 

While June is losing the vajiggle jaggle, new and everlasting memories will be found. Will the girls continue their plots to embarrass beautimous Mama? Will we come across a new Southern delicacy like multi-meals? What will be the next outrageous thing to come from Alana’s mouth? And will smexy Sugar Bear make the decision to finally put a ring on it?Viewers better redneckognize, because Boo Boo’s back. 

Liane Bonin Starr is an author, screenwriter and former writer for Her byline has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Variety and a lot of other places. Her last book was called "a scandalously catty, guilty pleasure" by Jane magazine. Expect the same from Starr Raving.