Ah, the MTV VMAs are here again, and with them comes the hope for crazy-ass fashion statements. If there was ever a place to rock what appears to be a wardrobe malfunction (Lil Kim), it's during this event. While some rules of fashion still apply (try not to look fatter, older or outdated), other than those vague guidelines it's anything goes -- and yes, there are plenty of nutso outfits that would be major fashion don'ts almost anywhere else that are strangely perfect here.

Still, some people never find that balance between letting their freak flags fly and just looking crappy. Here's a roundup of the stars who got it right and the others who should have stayed at home and watched the VMAs in their sweatpants like the rest of the world. 

Liane Bonin Starr is an author, screenwriter and former writer for EW.com. Her byline has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Variety and a lot of other places. Her last book was called "a scandalously catty, guilty pleasure" by Jane magazine. Expect the same from Starr Raving.