When Garavis accidentally spoke over a journalist in adding his comments about the huge fan response, he couldn't stop apologizing -- or joking. "I'm so Canadian. Sorry, sorry! The endless list of people who championed the show, it made a big difference. A huge, huge difference."
When asked if she ever borrows wigs from the production on her off hours, Maslany sighed, "I wish." But Manson was quick with a joke. 
"I do. I got to take over the Helena wig. Helena, rest in peace. I get to forever rock the Helena wig."
The Cosima clone was brought up, and Maslany admitted her fondness for the sickly scientist. "Cosima has always been the one most fascinated with life, so it's interesting for her to be facing her mortality. The one who appeared to be the lightest and most buoyant is now facing the science gone wrong."
"She's my favorite clone," Manson easily admitted. "We're putting her in this heartbreaking position, but she's almost as brave as Sarah in a lot of ways. Naratively, examining her illness and looking into her own science is part of her own mystery. She performs a real story service as well."
As far as the revelation that Donnie was (spoiler alert) Alison's monitor, a journalist asked if it was always planned to play out the way it did. Unlike other shows ("Lost" comes to mind) that seemed to meander toward an unsatisfying end, Manson firmly stated that "Orphan Black" has always "had a master plan." But that doesn't mean there hasn't been room for a creative riff here and there. "The first season wrinkles with Aynsley the neighbor, when we were doing the craft room torture scene, I don't think we knew how it would wrinkle at the end, but we all really loved that storyline, the way it played out."
As to when he found out the show would be getting a second season, Manson said, "We got the nod on episode 4. We were just going for it. We have a long term plan, that's pretty elastic conceptually to go with the elastic premise, so when we were initially pitching the show, we had to tell the [suits] why the show would keep going. We had a bible that spun it out for at least three seasons."
So, in season two, will there be repercussions (as in jail time) for Alison sitting on the sidelines watching Aynsley die? "Alison, she's certainly, she's a tense person to begin with, so the secret she's keeping will eat at her in an interesting way. She's got some explosions coming up. The number of clones, we haven't said how many are out there. Part of the wonderful process of this is… who can we meet without exhausting the concept. It's not a clone of the week show… the first thing we do is talk to Tatiana and have rally involved conversation. We said to her, so, we have this Rachel character. And we work on these characters together."
As the panel progressed, a few more silly questions got tossed into the mix. Will we ever see a Felix clone? "Everyone wants a Felix clone," Manson said. 
"I think the world can only handle one Felix," Garavis added.
The final question was one for Maslany, who was asked about her approach to many, many characters. "I'm fascinated with psychology and why someone walls the way they walk… and it's not exclusive to the psychology of a character, these characters are so vastly different, for me going to the furthest reaches, so they're all from different environments. I think that stuff is interesting to me as an actor. I love writing notes, I try to go back to read them as much as I can."
"Looking at one of Tatiana's shooting scripts is mind boggling, because it has at least four colors and a lot of notes," Manson said, clearly proud of his rising star. 
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