This week Melinda and I had the great pleasure of having reality TV producer Troy DeVolld ("Hollywood Game Night," "Basketball Wives") as our guest on the show. I think it's safe to say that both Melinda and I learned a lot about how our favorite (and least favorite) shows work. We also talked about the Kardashians. A lot. It's tremendously reassuring to learn that an expert in the field thinks that their fifteen minutes might someday tick out, too. 

Troy's book, "Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market," is chock full of the kind of interesting, behind-the-scenes details he shared with us, so listen in to get a taste (also check out his awesome blog, for more reality TV insight. Here's the rundown!

1:00 - We talk a little bit about Troy and why he wrote the bible on reality TV.

2:30 - Guess what? Troy likes "Duck Dynasty." . 

4:35 - Troy is less enthusiasitc about the Kardashians.

5:25 - Troy reveals the one genre of reality TV he really hates. 

7:25 - Troy talks about his stint on "Dancing with the Stars."

9:30 - Troy talks about why he likes Jeffrey Lewis ("Interior Therapy with Jeffrey Lewis"). 

9:45 - Troy worked on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF: Dubai"  and he talks about the challenges of making a reality competition show built around relationships. 

11:50 - For all those reality stars who've carped that they were victims of editing, Troy has something to tell them. 

15:45 - We discuss the racism and homophobia on the "Big Brother" live feed and what Troy would have done. 

22:35 - Melinda talks about Jay-Z's disappointing Samsung collaboration. 

28:55 - I talk about Elisabeth Hasselbeck's exit from "The View."

34:30 - We discuss whether Jenny McCarthy will be a worthwhile addition to the show.

35:35 - Finally, we talk about whether the Kardashians' 15 minutes will ever end. We can only hope.

Thanks for tuning in!

CulturePop No. 21