Melinda Newman was on the road this week, so lawyer-turned-screenwriter Valerie Alexander (whose book, "Happiness as a Second Language" comes out next week) dropped by to fill in. We talked about lots and lots of stuff, and here's the rundown:


1:08 We discuss the upcoming finale of "Project Runway" and discover that Valerie is Team Patricia and I'm Team Michelle. Quelle horreur!

6:00 We both watched "What Would Ryan Lochte Do," and we're still undecided. 

8:45 We discuss that fabulous but insane Delta Gamma sorority letter 

11:55 Valerie explains why she loves "Shark Tank"

15:15 We discuss whether Kareem Abdul Jabaar's defense of reality TV made sense.

16:58 We debate "Duck Dynasty," though no one will ever convince me it's not pretty durn good. 

19:35 Valerie gives some insight into why the Kardashians won't go away.

21:40 We wonder if we'll ever accept the return of Cee-Lo and Christina to "The Voice"

24:40 Valerie explains why she loves The Deer Hunter's "Whisper"

26:15 Time for raves! I give one to "Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius"...

29:25 ... while Valerie has one for the "Game of Thrones" character Daenerys Targaryen.



CulturePop No. 11

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