So many jokes, so little clothing. TLC is launching a new show, "Buying Naked" (premieres Sat. June 28 at 10:00 p.m.) which follows realty Jackie Youngblood as she tries to get nude butts in homes. It turns out that catering to clothing-optional clients isn't as weird of a niche as you might think -- where Youngblood works, Pasco County, Fla., is known as the Nudist Capital of the World. And you thought it was cool to live near the World's Biggest Pecan or whatever. 

In this clip from the premiere, Youngblood tries to give conservative (or at least not naked) real estate agent Alex the skinny on how to work with a naked couple. Of course, everything goes pear shaped almost immediately, and Alex sees more than she wants to see. We'll just let Alex sum it up: "It was a jungle in there." 

Interestingly enough, nudists have special needs in a home. Countertops shouldn't have sharp corners, flooring needs to meet their, um, needs (rug burn hurts!) and the little burns and cuts most people face with cooking and cleaning take on a special significance when privates are exposed.  Fortunately, Jackie and her team take extra care to uncover (get it? get it?) the perfect properties for their clients. 

In the premiere, Jackie brings together the “textiles” (or non-naked) of the Pasco County real estate industry and the nudists of the community for a hands-on networking event. How hands-on, well, you can watch. 

Are you going to watch, or does all of this just make you want to put on a sweater? 


Liane Bonin Starr is an author, screenwriter and former writer for Her byline has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Variety and a lot of other places. Her last book was called "a scandalously catty, guilty pleasure" by Jane magazine. Expect the same from Starr Raving.