Just like his character Elijah (previously of "The Vampire Diaries" and currently of "The Originals," both on The CW), Daniel Gillies is elegant, restrained and just a little mysterious. When I spoke to him at PaleyFest, I was curious to get his take on whether Elijah would ever take a chance on Hayley. Instead, we somehow ended up talking about the motivations he believes drive Elijah -- not that he was going to reveal them. That's so Elijah, isn't it?

He also wanted to be clear that Elijah isn't a badass -- let's just say he's not going to shy away from the coming war brewing in New Orleans. One thing we can't dispute is that Elijah will always be Team Klaus. Unless he's not. After all, Gillies isn't revealing what the motivations of this Original vampire might be, so anything is possible.

Do you watch "The Originals"? Which do you prefer -- "The Vampire Diaries" or "The Originals" (if you can pick)? Do you Elijah could ever hook up with Hayley? 

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