Do you ever watch commercials or viral videos featuring real people and wonder, hey, what happened to them? You probably make a mental note to Google whoever it is, but then, hey, shiny object and it's all over. "Outrageous Acts of Science" (Saturdays at 10:00 p.m. on Science Channel) can now put your mind to rest about Sarah Churman.

She's the deaf woman who became an Internet star when the video of her hearing for the first time went viral and ultimately ended up in Microsoft's Super Bowl ad. If you didn't see her then, she also popped by "Ellen" and "The Today Show," so she was quite the media darling. Now you can Google something else. You're welcome. In this exclusive clip, see how she's doing now and find out what she was most excited to hear. 

You can also learn more than you remember from eighth grade science about the way your ear works, complete with helpful diagrams and attractive people explaining the science of how Sarah hears stuff. This might make you interesting at parties, but I can't guarantee it.

Did you see the Super Bowl ad? On which real person from a viral video would you like to get an update?

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