Sadly, the season finale of "Naked and Afraid" is upon us (Sun. April 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Discovery), but before it goes we get to spend a little time with Sabrina the witch. I'm not even kidding. The woman's name is Sabrina, and she's a witch. And she's naked, but you knew that.

In this exclusive clip, Sabrina admits she's a witch to her partner Vince. Vince seems a little surprised, but he doesn't really care. As he explains, she can believe in UFOs or anything else, because what really matters is their mutual survival. Maybe a lot more people need to be dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing other than a machete. 

Are you tuning in to the season finale of "Naked and Afraid"? Would you ever consider going on this show?

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