"Deadliest Catch" kicks off season 10 (yes, 10) on Tues. April 22 at 9:00 p.m. on Discovery, and to kick things off Time Bandit Captain Johnathan Hillstrand and Cape Caution Captain Bill "Wild Bill" Wichrowski stopped by the HitFix studio first thing in the morning (well, 9:00 a.m., so it wasn't all that early for them) to talk about the new season, which they deemed the "bloodiest one yet." 

We also talked about how the government shutdown (remember that?) cost them $15 million dollars, Junior's crushing back pain (and why Johnathan warned him against surgery), a severed finger and stunt crab.

What didn't make the final edit is their advice about eating crab -- if you have to dunk it in butter to make it taste good, it's old stuff. Who knew? These guys are a hoot -- and if you're not watching "Deadliest Catch" (or lead-in "The Bait," which airs at 8:00 p.m.), you're missing out. 

Are you going to tune in for season 10?

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