It's not often you get to talk to an actual rock god, but Melinda and I got that chance this week when we sat down with Joe Satriani, who has been called one of the best rock guitarists ever -- and Mick Jagger might agree. In addition to being a part of the multi-platinum supergroup Chickenfoot, Satriani has toured with Jagger, scored 15 Grammy nominations, taught a fleet of other famous guitar players (including Kirk Hammett of Metalica and Larry LaLonde of Primus) and had a massive influence on the industry with his lines of guitars and amplifiers. He's now an author, too. His memoir, "Strange Beautiful Music" is out now -- as is a 15-CD set of his collected works. Yeah, he's a busy guy. 

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in music -- especially as a guitar player -- will want to listen to this interview. Satriani explains the process of changing something as small as a guitar pick, when he practices (and when he doesn't), and why he hates to listen to his own music. If you're only a fan of rock music, you'll love to hear his stories about Jagger and other legends. And hey, he loves TV, too -- and not just the Sci-fi you hear referenced in his work. "House of Cards," anyone? 

Thanks for listening!


CulturePop No. 45 - Joe Satriani