Here's the second part of our awesome interview with Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott -- and it's just as fascinating (and longer, natch) than the first. I recommend listening to part one, then part two. But either way, we had fun and hope you will, too! Here's the rundown:

:50 Def Leppard's worst tour pairing - Blackfoot, but don't worry. They're pals!
3:25 His favorite song to perform? "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is a fan favorite...
5:03… but he has a personal favorite, too
5:56 But he never wants to sing "Make Love Like A Man" again. He does not love it, people
7:30 Why they've been together so long
11:35 Learning about failure from Ian Hunter
12:30 He knew he could be a musician for life, and it's a gift
15:07 Hearing the Osmonds on KLOS -- and meeting the greats
16:26 One Direction doesn't get it -- and why it's all going to go "pear shaped"
18:28 But he's not going to sue them
20:16 Everyone copies stuff, okay? 
21:00 The boiler pass comes up
21:59 Why he loves how Americans view his accent
22:31 - Talking about the Down 'n' Outz
23:38 Siren break!
23:45 Mott the Hoople and why he loves them
29:58 Watching Mott the Hoople live, and realizing why they had to record their songs
32:42 Going into the back catalog of Mott the Hoople
33:58 What to expect on the next Down 'n' Outz album coming out April 22
35:55 Don't hold your breath for a tour this year, but maybe next
36:26 He says he's having fun -- because he talked to us instead of taking a break
36:41 Cartoon superheroes! 
37:31 The fear -- and why it's a good thing
38:12 Inner strength -- and a story about his dad 
39:50 The guy who couldn't deal with failure -- and that's so not him
41:39 Getting down with Slang and going through it
41:57 Def Leppard is still having fun
43:07 Get your playlist from this podcast, people!

Thanks for listening!


CulturePop No. 43 - Joe Elliott Pt. 2