That Todd Chrisley! Really, whether you're old or young, it's not easy to be a member of this guy's family. When the kids ganged together in this week's episode of "Chrisley Knows Best" (Tues. at 10:00 p.m. ET on USA) to treat Mom and Dad to a very special day, all he could do was bitch about it. He had work to do! They stuck him with the massage bill! Kyle has crappy taste in clothes! Chase is a rotten chauffeur! It was no surprise that he didn't tip the kids. They should probably just be happy he didn't ground them for their efforts. 

Still, it was his mom Faye who got the brunt of Todd's so-called affection. First, he and Chase prank call her, which doesn't seem like the most effective way to stave off Alzheimer's no matter what Todd says. Dude, there are medications for that. Really, it just seemed like an opportunity to make Faye sound like a foul-mouthed, albeit sassy, old lady on national television. I suspect Faye will be more careful about answering her phone next season. 

It's only when Faye has the temerity to head to looking for a hot coffee date (or maybe an iced coffee date -- it is Atlanta, after all) that Todd really loses his cool. Watching him tear up about his late father was touching, but his reluctance to let Faye move on seemed a little unreasonable. Seeing him "accidentally" stumble in on Faye's date (with a pretty good looking older gentleman), he looked as if he couldn't decide whether to punch the guy or leave. Luckily, he picked the second option. 

The season finale is next week, so we won't get to spend a lot more time watching Faye flip through profiles of silver foxes, but the show has been renewed for season two. Let's hope we see a few more coffee dates amidst the prom outings and teen make-out sessions. That is, if Todd let's it happen.

Do you think Todd should give Faye her space? 


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