Sidebar - it's kind of unnerving that Des (and her family, clearly) know that Drew is gone, but Chris doesn't. 

9:31 p.m. Nate asks Des if he's the one. In this moment, yes! Nate thinks he's the right choice. Huh! But he has some concerns. Ugh. He brings up Brooks. Are you disappointed, Des? Well, yeah. It took a while to get over him. Like, a week. Nate trusts her decision. Wow! Maybe he's not so crazy. It was the skulking around the Beverly Hilton that threw me off. 

9:38 p.m. It's time for Des' final day in Antigua. It could be the best day of her life or the worst! Worst? Eh, she's going to get a marriage proposal. It won't be all bad. Time for Neil Lane! Bring out the rings!

9:40 p.m. Chris gets dressed. What if she accepts Drew's proposal? Oh, bunny. Des looks... not entirely happy. She keeps crying. I am not getting a "tears of happiness" vibe. She keeps talking about how much Chris loves her. Not a lot about how much she loves him. 

Okay, the commercials are killing me. I want to think Des will just merrily accept Chris' proposal, but I think she needs A LOT more time to process what happened with Brooks than the show allows. She's had to switch gears pretty dramatically, and even if they do get engaged, I'm not sure they're going to go the distance simple because of how messy this has been. Des is worried that Chris will change his mind about their relationship once she tells him about how she felt about Brooks. Yeah, I don't blame her. 

9:47 p.m. Time's ticking! It's time for the big reveal -- what HAPPENS? Des waits for Last Chance Chris. He's got his ring, he's got his skinny tie, he's ready. Chris is 100 percent committed. Uh, wait, Chris. Don't say that just yet. Des has to talk to you.

9:51 p.m. Chris is so happy to have been on this journey with Des. He loved dancing with her in Germany! She makes him want to be a better person. Yak, yak, yak. Propose, Chris. Let's get this over with! She won't let him get down on one knee. She wants to be completely honest with him. She said goodbye to Drew earlier in the week and he's the only one who met her family. But... she's crying now. This does not seem good. She admits that she loved Brooks and throughout the journey she was torn between him and Chris. She feels that she was so blindsided by her feelings for Brooks she couldn't see that what she needed was right in front of her. She is so grateful for him. She thanks him for never giving up. He means the world to her. And she loves him so much. 

Kissing! Hugging! Now can he propose? Ah, he gets down on bended knee. He wants to be her first and last. And there it is -- will you marry me? Yes. That's it, people! 

There is more kissing. So... the live audience kind of served no purpose, since Brooks wasn't waiting in the wings or anything. 

9:57 p.m. Montage of cute moments. Chris fake proposing before the first cocktail party. Bad poetry, dancing, helicopter rides. 

She gives him the final rose and asks him to grow old with her forever. Well, maybe be together forever AND grow old. Back to the montage! Brooks who? 

So, no last minute appearance by Brooks. But... has Chris watched the season thus far? 

10:01 p.m. It's After the Rose, which means lots of talking and possibly some arguing and/or kissing. Chris Harrison invites Des to the stage. Lots of nattering about how crazy the season was. Then, Chris asks how she got over Brooks so quickly. She thinks it was special to go through heartbreak to see the beauty in love. Huh? The answer is good enough for Chris Harrison, though. Time to discuss Brooks! She admits it might have been the thrill of the chase. Des tells Chris Harrison she never put pressure on herself to get a proposal, so Chris was never a back-up plan. 

Brooks is in the house! Oh, no! 

Des isn't nervous to see Brooks. Brooks does NOT know about the proposal. This will be fun! 

10:13 p.m. Brooks, who is rocking some scruff, talks about how hard it's been to watch the show. Des asks him what made him change his mind between hometowns and Antigua. He admits he asked himself some hard questions, and that's why his head was ahead of his heart. Nothing new here. 

They are laughing and smiling about the horrible break-up. Any regrets, Brooks? He says hindsight's 20/20. Des has no regrets. She'll never regret feeling! So, Brooks, want to know what happened? Des said that after he left, things went really well. And she's engaged to Chris. 

Brooks offers her congratulations. He isn't entirely surprised. 

10:22 p.m. Des admits she's nervous to see Drew. She knows she broke his heart. Really? Time to drag him out! He's found his happiness again, but watching the show was difficult. He seems a little nervous. He tried to right the ship when he started seeing that they were headed to break-up town, but it was too late. But he has no regrets. He's happy for Des. She wants him to find love. But wait! He has questions. Could he have done anything differently? In short, no. When did you know he wasn't the one, Des? Des tried to keep her options open. Drew wants to know if he was always a little behind Chris and Brooks. I guess Drew is more broken up about this than I thought. Drew doesn't regret telling her he loved her, but he's no longer in love with her. But he'll always be in her corner. Still, he knows it wasn't mutual. Chris thinks Drew will be okay after this. 

So, who's the new Bachelor? Wait, time to watch a preview of the new ABC show "Betrayal"! 

10:36 p.m. Time to bring out Chris. Big kiss! So, I guess Chris isn't pissed about watching Des drool over Brooks all season. He couldn't be happier. He knew she was the one a long time back -- and he doesn't care about the whole Brooks nonsense. He never wants to let her go. Time to watch Chris and Des watch the proposal for the first time, as they've been locked up backstage. 

I think Chris is wearing the same suit and tie tonight. Guys can do that. Okay, this is winding down, I think. Time for the new Bachelor! 

10:45 p.m. Nah, more Des and Chris. Des announces she's moving to Seattle this week. And they're getting a new place together. His family is so excited. Maybe her dad can adjust her back! And Chris wants to give her a gift. It's all the roses she gave squished into a frame around a bad, bad poem. She's so touched! Yeah, and now you have to hang this mess in your new apartment, so hope you really love it. 

Our new Bachelor? JUAN PABLO! Oh, yeah. This will be a very hot season!

Do you think Des and Chris will last? Do you think Brooks regrets dumping her? What do you think of Juan Pablo as the new Bachelor? 


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