HitFix's Oscar Power List

Oscar has always been big business in Hollywood, but over the past decade or so, it's become a year-round operation. HitFix's second annual Oscar Power List ranks the people and organizations crucial to this element of the business, a business experiencing an interesting year in 2014 as major studios try to maintain a foothold with films like "Gone Girl," "Interstellar," "American Sniper" and "Fury" while the independent (and dependent) market is strong as ever with players like "Birdman," "The Imitation Game," "Boyhood" and "The Theory of Everything." The list has been determined by each person or organization's influence in getting prestige projects made, historical pedigree in achieving nominations and wins and, of course, relevance to this year's race. Click through to learn more about how this part of the Hollywood machinery runs.

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