This year's Sundance Film Festival may only be a few days old, but distribution deals for films at the fest are already being announced. Focus Features has picked up Zach Braff's "Wish I Was Here," while the Keira Knightley-starrer "Laggies" has been bought by A24

"Wish I Was Here" marks Zach Braff's return to directing on the big screen after finding success a decade ago with "Garden State," a movie which also showed at Sundance. As with that earlier film, Braff appears in "Wish I Was Here" and has a writing credit as well (here as a co-writer with Adam J. Braff, in "Garden State" with solo credit). Braff hasn't exactly been quiet since "Garden State" having starred on a regularly scheduled TV series (where he directed a number of episodes) and working on a number of other projects, but many people have been greatly looking forward to this effort.
"Laggies" is directed by Lynn Shelton, written by Andrea Seigel, and features Chloe Grace Moretz, Mark Webber, Sam Rockwell, Kaitlyn Dever, and more in addition to Knightley.   Shelton is no stranger to Sundance, having premiered "Your Sister's Sister" and "Touchy Feely" in Park City. Those two movies were at the fest in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
We got the chance to catch up with Knightley at Sundance to talk about the movie and how she relates to her character and what her character goes through, so be sure to check out that video. Additionally, Drew McWeeny has reviewed both "Wish I Was Here" and "Laggies," during his time at the fest this year.
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