If the Sony product placement at the very beginning of Avril Lavigne’s video for her new song, “Rock N Roll,” doesn’t stop you in your tracks, her stilted acting will.

Lavigne plays a comic book bad-ass come to life in a post-apocalyptic world. Call her "Mad Avril," if you will. Lavigne may be a lot of things—including a spunky, strong singer— but an actress is not one of them. It’s almost painful to watch her try to emote her way through her tough-girl antics.

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Here she’s aided by Titanic's"Billy Zane and “The Wonder Years’” Danica McKellar as they track down the Bearshark, which is, as you might guess, a bear with the head of a shark. We’d watch the Bearshark in anything, including, oh please God, a Sharknado sequel starring the Bearshark. (Yes, we know the Bearshark gets beheaded, but he couldn’t have been the only one).

The high production video moves at a fast clip, but feels compelled to put in “shocking” moments, like a really bad joke about a dog licking its balls, and a stunningly unsexy girl-on-girl kiss between Lavigne and McKellar. It’s only when Lavigne is leaning up against her souped-up getaway vehicle singing or when she grabs a very cool guitar that she seems remotely in her element.

She’s not helped by the paint-by-numbers rote rock song that took six writers to pen, including her, hubby Chad Kroeger, and super songwriter Dave Hodges.

“Rock N Roll” is the second single from Lavigne’s forthcoming fifth studio album out this fall, following “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” which peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.