Hoult came to the film immediately after wrapping his role on Bryan Singer's epic "Jack the Giant Slayer" in the U.K., and pointed out the difference between the two roles. "That one ['Jack'] is a young farm boy who gets taken off on an epic mission and ends up being a hero. With this there's a lot of room to try things out and have fun. Jonathan's a great director to let you try things out, 'more zombie, less zombie.' We have fun in that sense, especially when Rob Corddry is around 'cause he's always adding funny lines."
Corddry is best known for comic roles in fare such as "Hot Tub Time Machine" and his own Adult Swim show "Children's Hospital," and was able to bring some levity to the largely silent role of M.
The actor expanded on the zombies' lifestyles. "They have some kind of gut instinct for what it’s like to be human," he explained. "They don’t really remember what it is, but they do follow these patterns. For instance, I don’t know if we’re going to do this but I suggested to Jonathan that when we first meet my character, he’s just standing and staring at the airport bar. Because he just knows that this is somehow very significant to him at some point in time. So he just sits there and stares and tries to figure it out. We haven’t shot that scene yet. Jonathan goes ‘That’s a great idea. It’s probably about a $25,000 idea’. Because we have to build the bar. So we’ll see exactly how much he liked it."

Corddrey and Hoult even trained a bit with a Cirque du Soleil performer in order to master the body language of a zombie. 
When asked if he would be recognizable under layers of make-up, Corddry joked, "No. See because this is a movie and I’m so goddamn pretty. I’m so pretty that they wanted to retain this. Because this right here [pointing to his face] is the money. You can’t scratch it up because the girls will be like 'Nuh-uh. No. Where’s the Rob Corddry we’ve come to be slightly repulsed by?'”
Some pundits are prematurely labeling "Warm Bodies" as a zombie spin on the "Twilight" formula (it's also from the same studio), and Marion recently announced that he was working on a book sequel. However, from the set visit and the recent trailer and released footage, "Bodies" seems to have a life of its own -- one with much more humor and, possibly, more heart than the "Twilight" franchise. 

Levine sees how the film could be the starting point for a franchise."I think you could take the story that way," he revealed. "It’s not really something I worry about. It’ll be cool to get the check. But yeah, it’s not something I worry about. I think there are further stories that could exist with these characters. I think Summit probably feels the same way.” 

Watch the trailer here:
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"Warm Bodies" opens February 1.
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