U2 have said that their divisive new album -- given out free to iTunes subscribers last week -- was their most intimate yet, and the cover of the upcoming physical release underlines that claim. It may be a little too intimate.  

The simple cover features Glen Luchford's stark black and white photo of drummer Larry Mullen Jr. in a half-naked embrace with his 18-year-old son.

The band's site states that it's meant to recall the iconic covers of U2's early albums "Boy" (1979) and "War" (1983). Their other famous cover images include the panoramic band portrait which adorns "The Joshua Tree" and the busy collage found on the front of "Achtung Baby."

How does the new cover measure up?

Take a look here:


"We’ve always been about community in U2, about family and friends," frontman Bono explained on their site. "'Songs of Innocence' is the most intimate album we’ve ever made. With this record we were looking for the raw, naked and personal, to strip everything back. Holding on to your own innocence is a lot harder than holding on to someone else’s.”

"Innocence" was given away free for all iTunes subscribers last week. The physical release will include bonus tracks and demos, and will be available in multiple CD and LP versions.

"Songs of Innocence" will be released on CD and LP October 13.

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