(CBR) "Torchwood" star Eve Myles took the stage Friday afternoon at C2E2 for an hour of lighthearted banter, stories from the Torchwood set and tales of co-star John Barrowman’s frequently obscene antics. Myles, who was one of the "Doctor Who" spinoff series’ few constants through its four seasons, spoke with a fondness for her character Gwen Cooper, charming both the audience and moderator Elliott Serrano of Chicago’s free daily Red Eye.

Myles began by greeting Chicago with an affected Chicago accent before quickly acknowledging, “That was shit, wasn’t it?” Then, “Thank you for coming to my talk – I hope I don’t bore the arse off you!” Though she often feigned embarrassment at her own swearing, that didn’t seem to slow the flow of mild profanity and rude stories — much to the delight of her crowd. “Sorry, I’m like a nine-year-old.”

Serrano began the spotlight panel by saying, “Eve doesn’t really need me up here… but I want to be up here.” He then added, “Eve, I’m going to tell you, I’ve had a crush on you for a really long time.”

Myles responded, “Now that you mention it, Elliott, I find you quite hot as well.” The faux flirtation carried right through the hour.

Down to business now, Myles asked the audience: “You want a series 5?” And after much applause, she asked louder, “You want a series 5?” Once the voices of the crowd died down, she said more quietly, “Me too.”

She said a return to "Torchwood" would be ” a really complicated, kind of really huge, huge thing to put together,” but “we’re all hoping, keeping our fingers crossed. Everywhere we go, me and John [Barrowman], there are 'Torchwood' fans.”

Asked what Gwen Cooper might be up to these days, Myles said she hopes she’s still keeping the world safe. “I think that Gwen is still shooting things, probably helicopters out of the sky. Trying to keep the world safe, juggling a husband, juggling John Barrowman – that’s a job, juggling John in any sense!”

Myles spoke about her discomfort seeing her face on merchandise and in promotion for the show, and described as “horrendous” seeing the "Torchwood" novels with Gwen on the cover. “I walked into the bookstore with my daughter, and it was just before 'Miracle Day', and there’s me,” she said. “With the gap.”

Again referring to the gap in her front teeth, Myles asked Serrano, “You ever kiss anybody with a gap? Would you like to?”

The actress also discussed more than a few adventures on set, beginning with some behind-the-scenes detail about the famous bazooka scene from "Miracle Day".

It was really cold that day. It was something like minus 14, it was really cold,” she said. “I had to shoot the helicopter out of the sky and say, ‘Torchwood,’ and I was completely frozen. So they ask who are you, and this comes out [through frozen lips] Tophwd.”

As to whether there was any difference between working on the first three seasons for the BBC and the fourth season in the United States, Myles immediately responded, “Apart from we had a budget?” In addition to this allowing for appearances by Bill Pullman, three helicopters and a bazooka, “The food on set was insane!”

There were, however, some drawbacks to all the delicious food, as Myles talked about one day being approached by the costume designer. In a sing-songy, Sunday-school teacher voice, Myles said the designer came into her room with a gentle “Hi, honey,” then asking her,  “Have you ever heard of Spanx?” After saying in her own voice that she had, the designer reportedly then suggested, “They’re really good!”

“Does it mean I can eat more shit?”


“Give me all of them, in every size and every color!”

With the recent re-emergence of UNIT on "Doctor Who", Serrano asked whether Torchwood might make an appearance on that show as well. “There’s been a crossover in the past, which I think worked really well,” she said. “I’d give my back teeth to work with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. As long as it was as Gwen Cooper.”

In the fan question-and-answer portion, Myles spoke about how she enjoyed the evolution of Gwen’s character, with producer Russell T. Davies  “pushing her limits by making her a mum,” even “knowing she could walk out the door in the morning and not come back in the evening.”

Myles provided the voice of Merrill in “Dragon Age II.”

Myles also revealed that she will not be voice acting for the upcoming game "Dragon Age: Inquisition", as she had for 2011′s "Dragon Age II".  Myles voiced the character Merrill in the previous game.

“I got the phone call about doing ["Dragon Age II"], and I didn’t know what the hell it was because I’m not a gamer,” she recalled. But when she told her nephew about the opportunity, the boy was floored.  “I don’t know, I don’t really like these things, I don’t know if I’m going to do it…” Myles remembered saying, but then the boy shouted,  “Grow up, you’re doing it! You’re doing it, Auntie Eve, and if you don’t I’m never speaking to you again!”