The First Family of Springfield and The First Family of Quahog are ready to get together on FOX.
FOX announced on Thursday (July 18) that a Fall 2014 episode of "Family Guy" will find the Griffins traveling to Springfield and meeting The Simpsons. Why FOX made this announcement two days ahead of the "Simpsons"/"Family Guy" Comic-Con panels on Saturday is a mystery to us.
The network press release is highlighted by quotes from people who don't exist, rather than Seth MacFarlane or Matt Groening. 
"FOX hasn’t spent this much money since they took Simon Cowell tight T-shirt shopping," blurbs Peter Griffin.
"Finally I can get my hands on this guy!," states Homer Simpson.
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria are among the regular "Simpsons" voices will will be heard on the "Family Guy" episode in which we discover that the Simpsons and Griffins get along well, at least until Homer and Peter have a disagreement regarding the beer superiority of Duff vs. Pawtucket.
Uh-oh. Stay tuned for more details over the next year before this crossover actually occurs.
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