'Do you believe in ghosts?"

What's more impossible -- Michele Rodriguez's Letty character coming back from the dead, or seeing a Diesel-powered car crash through the nose of a burning airplane?

The answer, of course, is that nothing's impossible in the increasingly fantastic world of the "Fast and Furious" franchise.

While the Superbowl ad offered a one-minute glimpse of the mayhem that will be found in "Fast and Furious 6," the brand new trailer fleshes out the story, the characters, the cars, and the high-flying, death-defying, bone-crunching action. 

After pulling off "one last heist" in "Fast Five," Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew are selected by law man Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to go up against a new European crew which includes series newcomer Luke Evans ("Immortals") and Rodriguez ("Avatar"), who seemingly died in the fourth film, although her resurrection was revealed at the end of "Fast Five." 

Watch the new trailer here:

Paul Walker's also back, as are Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Sung Kang, Tyrese Gibson and "Haywire's" Gina Carano, whose brutal girl fight with Rodriguez looks to be one of the film's highlights. Oh yeah, there's also a tank. 

"Fast and Furious 6" opens May 24.

What do you think of the trailer?

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