If there’s one key thing I learned on my recent visit to the set of “The Hangover Part III,” it’s the following: this sucker gets dark.

"Death is in the air," says screenwriter Craig Mazin. "There is death in this movie. I will tell you, people die. I will say that. Not everybody lives. This is-- We don't mess around."
Any questions?
Ok, so we've got many. Nevertheless, specifics are hard to come by. Take Bradley Cooper, for example. Gorgeous guy, but he’s not saying much. Is it the oh-so-very-apparent information clamp-down by the hovering publicists, or is he just reluctant to speak to reporters in general? Or both?
Question: So we know this is two years later. What's changed for you as a character?
Bradley Cooper: Personally? Oh. As a character, not much. Phil's the immovable object, in a way. You know? He's got it all figured out.
Question: We've been hearing all day that this movie is kind of centered on Alan [Zach Galifianakis] and Alan's problem-- And he's always had a weird, interesting relationship with Phil because he kind of looks up to him, in a way. I'm kind of curious about that relationship in this movie.
Bradley Cooper: All the guys have been through so much in the last two movies, and I think that has bonded them and it also has instilled animosity as well. In the relationship between Phil and Alan, yeah, I'd say they're probably closer, but, yeah, it has its peaks and valleys in this movie.
Question: We've heard the tone of this installment is a lot darker, too, kind of going in the direction that the last one went. Or at least darker than the last one has been. …So I'm just wondering if that tone-- How does that affect the group dynamic? Does it create tension between them, or does it press them closer together?
Bradley Cooper: I'd say, in each-- There's going to be obstacles, that's why there's a story. So, for sure, the plot creates some obstacles for them to have to overcome in order to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. And so, yeah, that definitely creates a situation that calls for emotional highs and lows between the three guys. Yeah.
Oh, screw it.
Question: You've spent literally all day today wrestling on the ground with a robot chicken and yet your hair is still really good. What's your secret?
Bradley Cooper: I just had it done right before I saw you guys. Obviously, I don't think you've been watching it, because my hair's been all over the place. But thank you.
Hey, he does have pretty awesome hair.
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