"Twilight" may be finished, but bloodsuckers are going back to school in the upcoming "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters."

The film's brand new teaser is short on plot and character, but features plenty of brightly-colored high school shenanigans, flashes of flesh, martial arts action and bloodletting. In the film, Zoey Deutch plays Rose, a teenaged human/vampire hybrid training to be a bodyguard for a royal vampire clan known as Moroi. 

The film is adapted from Richelle Mead's popular young adult series which includes six books, indicating that if "Academy" is a hit, we can expect five more films.

"Twilight" comparisons are inevitable, but the teaser and the film's pedigree -- Brothers Daniel Waters (who wrote "Heathers") and Mark Waters (director of "Mean Girls") -- gives one the sense that "Academy" will be a lot more fang-in-cheek fun the the melodramatic tale of Edward and Bella. 

"Vampire Academy" will be released on February 14.


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