Taylor Swift just premiered "Wildest Dreams," the fifth video from her smash album "1989." The song itself is an airy, romantic ballad, but the video is a literal epic, a throwback to "Out of Africa" featuring Taylor and Scott Eastwood in African grasslands filming a movie.

Taylor looks great. Couple of issues: It feels a lot like her "Style" and "Blank Space" videos, which teemed with luscious images and melodramatic acting. It's also not engaging enough. Scott Eastwood is easy to look at, but he's not the movie star this video wants us to think he is. Unfortunately, "Wildest Dreams" is not special; it's just expensive. Taylor Swift has officially moved from unassuming country songstress to overspent video icon, and she'd be better served by under-indulging us with her next video offering. We need fewer lions and giraffes in her videos and more charisma.