This morning, Netflix offered up three new images from the upcoming season of "Orange is the new Black."  In them, as you can see below, we see terror, we see anger, and we see the downright weird.  Seriously, look at that mock job fair picture and tell us it doesn't look truly weird.

The press release which accompanied the images promises that the new season of the series "Gives us a closer look at our favorite, darkly funny prisoners; their shifting alliances within Litchfield and conflicts we never saw coming."  Season one of the streaming series was recognized as one of the top 10 shows of the year by AFI and earned Taylor Schilling a Golden Globe nomination.

The upcoming season of "Orange is the new Black" premieres on June 6th, and in what is now standard Netflix fashion, all episodes of the season will be made available at the same time. Expect folks to be bleary-eyed at the office Friday morning from binging all night. 

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