T.I. says he's 'working' on 'Trouble Man' sequel but keeping his focus on the first

Rapper tells us he's currently prepping to launch third single 'Hello' feat. Cee-Lo Green

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T.I. talks about the sequel to his "Trouble Man" album. He's still focused on this current album and the next single will be "Hello" feat. Cee Lo

When it comes to rap, I know...well, pretty much nothing, really. But I did know enough to do my research before sitting down with hip-hop titan T.I. to talk about his new movie. A few clicks of the keyboard later and I had my obligatory "next projects" question.

So tell me T.I., are you still looking to release a sequel to your "Trouble Man" album in 2013?

"I hope so," answered the Atlanta-based rapper, who stars opposite Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in the upcoming comedy "Identity Thief." "I've already started working on it, but I'm trying not to get too deep into the making of the next one until I get 'Trouble Man 1' like get it into the next two or three singles. So we're about to launch [third single] 'Hello' with Cee-Lo Green, and [second single] 'Ball' know, we're fighting with the Chris Brown record and the A$AP Rocky record."

You can check out the full video above. (Note: the gorgeous and very excited young woman sitting next to T.I. is actress Genesis Rodriguez, who you'll be seeing more of when we post the full interview with the duo sometime next week.)

"Identity Thief" hits theaters on Feb. 8.

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