The 2013 summer movie season is looking like a monster.  Not only are Hollywood's studios bringing out highly anticipated sequels such as "Iron Man 3," "Fast & Furious 6" and "Star Trek Into Darkness" (and that's just in May),  but there are highly anticipated originals such as "Elysium," "The Heat," "This Is The End" and "Pacific Rim."  Moreover, moviegoers may have the best crop of summer indie films in years. From "Fruitvale" to "The Bling Ring" to "The Way Way Back" to "The Kings of Summer" to "I'm So Excited" to "Austenland," the art house circuit could have a major comeback this summer.  

To celebrate the coming season, HitFix's editorial team picked our 25 most anticipated movies of this summer.  Some picks will surprise you and some will be obvious.  Where the movies are ranked should really get the conversation going.  Today we're revealing #25-21.  Thursday we'll reveal picks #20-16.  On Monday, April 22 you'll find out which films ranked #15-11.  The top 10 begins on Thursday, April 25 as #10-6 are announced. And our 2013 summer movie preview will end on Monday, April 29 with #5-1.

Find out why we we picked #25-21 by clicking on the embedded graphic below. Then, come back and vote on which of our first five you want to see the most.

Summer Movie Preview

HitFix Poll

HitFix is ranking the 25 most anticipated movies of the summer. For No. 25-21, which movie do you want to see the most?

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