On Tuesday, noted arthouse director Jim Jarmusch (Dead Man, Broken Flowers, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai) admitted he's never watched any of the Star Wars movies and doesn't plan on starting now. "I’ve never seen any Stars Wars films," he told Variety at the Cannes Film Festival. "I don’t know if it’s just a stubborn punk rock thing, where I intend to go to my grave having never seen Star Wars. I’ve never seen Gone with the Wind either."

Call Jarmusch pretentious if you must, but he's far from the first high-profile individual to publicly fess up to their ignorance of the widely-beloved franchise (specifically, Episodes IV-VI). Below are 14 others who have been brave enough to do the same. 

Before we get to the list, a few clarifications are in order first:

1. The list is concerned with those who haven't seen Episode IV/the original trilogy (1977-1983). So, seeing Phantom Menace doesn't preclude them from being included.

2. The list is not meant to imply that those named have never seen Star Wars (1977) as of May 18, 2016, but rather that they admitted at one time to not having seen Star Wars. 

To see Roth and I discuss which of these confessions we were most shocked by -- as well as guess which of them may have been disingenuous -- you can watch the video embedded above.

  • Ben Platt

    The Broadway actor and Pitch Perfect star told HitFix during an interview for the musical sequel Pitch Perfect 2 last year that he never watched the film, despite his character Benji Applebaum being an ardent fan of the franchise:

    "I have never seen a Star Wars film," he admitted. "Please don't kill me. I've never seen one."

  • Emily Blunt
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    September 2015, at the premiere of Sicario (via Yahoo):

    "Okay, I am loath for saying this, I have never seen Star Wars. I know! I got asked to do a Chewbacca impression today and I was like 'Who's Chewbacca?'"

  • Dame Judi Dench
    Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

    November 2015 interview with Time Out:

    Q: There was a rumour going round that you’re in the new Star Wars film…

    Dench: I heard that. Charming, charming. Why not? I’ve never seen a Star Wars film ever, or Star Trek or Back to the Future or any kind of space film at all. Is that terrible of me? I’m not in it, but that would’ve been nice, wouldn’t it?

  • Snoop Dogg
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    January 2016, during an episode of his online talk show GGN (via HypeTrak):

    "I've never seen Star Wars. I'm gonna be honest with y'all...I've never seen one episode of Star Wars, sorry."

  • Calista Flockhart
    Photo Credit: CBS

    December 2015 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

    After hearing from a producer that husband Harrison Ford had been injured on the Millennium Falcon set during production of The Force Awakens, Flockhart told the late-night host she initially thought Han Solo's signature spacecraft was an actual airline. "I called a friend of mine and I said, 'What the hell is the Millennium Falcon? I have never heard of that airline!'" she recalled. The actress later implied that prior to the accident, she'd never actually seen any of the films.

    Kimmel: "Have you ever seen any of the Star Wars movies?"

    Flockhart: "I have now. When I was young I loved in a very small town."

    Kimmel: "How small could it have been?"

    Flockhart: "It was really small, we didn't have a movie theater."

    Kimmel: "Was it the size of a thumb tack?"

  • Mike Francesa, radio talk show host
    Photo Credit: CBS New York

    January 2016, during an interview on Garbage Time with Katie Nolan (via New York Daily News):

    “Please. If it’s in outer space, I’m out. I’ve never seen a Star Wars. I don’t watch any science fiction ever."

  • Justin Hartley
    Photo Credit: The CW

    May 2016 via Twitter:

    "It's not that I'm not a fan.  I've never seen a Star Wars film.  I've finally said it.  Now I'm gonna get crushed."

  • Matt Lauer
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    April 2014, during an episode of Today:

    From Today's official website: 

    "[Today co-host] Tamron Hall evealed that Star Wars was the first film she ever watched, and that she went to see it as a kid with her church.

    "Matt, however, did not join in on the excitement. That's because the TODAY anchor has never seen any of the films from the the popular George Lucas franchise — not even a clip.

    "'I can't believe you've never seen them,' [Today co-host] Savannah Guthrie said.

    "'I'm getting to it,' Matt defended himself. 

    "'That's insanity!' said Tamron. 'We're taking a road trip with you to the movies.'" 

  • Blake Lively
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    April 2015, during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon:

    "I still haven't seen Star Wars... I know, I know. Stop, stop, I saw the one with Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen. Does that count?"

  • Piers Morgan
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    October 2015, in an op-ed for the Daily Mail:

    "I’m 50 years old and I’ve not watched a single one of the six Star Wars movies.

    "Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried.

    "Many times.

    "But I’ve never got further than five minutes with any of them before hitting the STOP button, shaking the cascading cheese out of my TV set and going for a recuperative neck massage."


  • Tyler Posey
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    March 2013, during a Teen Wolf panel at WonderCon (via Collider):

    "Posey and O’Brien have had a lot more input this year on their characters, even including some dialogue related to their real lives: Tyler Posey has never seen the Star Wars movies (a fact to which he yelled 'who cares?' and O’Brien responded with'I care for you')."

  • Questlove (a.k.a. Ahmir Thompson)
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    August 2003 interview with The Believer magazine:

    Thompson (Questlove): Back in ’97, D’Angelo and I were sorta living through Star Wars episodes. But the thing is, I’m probably the only man alive who has not seen Star Wars.

    BLVR: Shocking.

    AT (Questlove): I went to see it when I was six, and I fell asleep. When it got rereleased in ’97 I went again and fell asleep.

    BLVR: Do you normally fall asleep in the movies?

    AT (Questlove): Ever since Rain Man I’ve realized that if I sit still for more than two hours, I’ll fall asleep. Anyway, I never saw Star Wars

  • Daniel Radcliffe
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    September 2011, during an interview with Moviefone:

    Moviefone: "What's your opinion of the comparisons between Harry Potter and Star Wars? Do you enjoy Star Wars?

    Radcliffe: [sighs and starts smiling]

    Moviefone: Wait, you've never seen Star Wars?

    Radcliffe: I know, and now this information is going to be out there in the world.

    Moviefone: Wow. That's hard to do.

    Radcliffe: I know. Yeah, I know. It's really bad.

    Moviefone: So not any of the six movies?

    Radcliffe: I saw The Phantom Menace, and everyone's like, 'You saw that one! You didn't see the originals?!' I know! I was ten! I didn't know any better!

    July 2014, during an interview with MTV:

    "Although the actor makes a brilliant dodge to begin with, artfully flipping the conversation into an enthusiastic discussion of the mid-1990s alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day and its awesome motivational speech by Bill Pullman, he’s eventually forced to admit the truth: The Force is still not with him.

    “'I’m not going to die without watching it,' Radcliffe promised, before going on to explain that while he wants to see the Star Wars movies, he’s also feeling kind of, y’know, pressured about it."

  • Clive Revill, original voice of Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine in 'The Empire Strikes Back'
    Photo Credit: ExtremeRockWHPC/YouTube

    December 2015, during an interview with NewsOK:

    "Now 85, Revill says he has retired from acting, although he doesn't rule out future voice work. And while he remains amazed that his one-minute involvement in a Star Wars film still resonates with fans, he says he's never seen a Star Wars film. But he understands their appeal."

  • Miles Teller
    Photo Credit: AP Photo

    March 2016, during an interview on the podcast happysadconfused (via Collider):

    "Teller has popped up on shortlists of actors being considered to play young Han Solo in the Phil Lord and Chris Miller-directed spinoff, and while the actor played coy on the podcast, he did confirm that he auditioned for the role by admitting that he hadn’t seen the original Star Wars movies until recently:

    “'I had never even seen any of the original Star Wars movies until maybe a month or a couple weeks before my first audition because I was like, ‘I should check this out’ (laughs). It holds up.'"


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