Another year, another "Paranormal Activity" film.

The second trailer for "Paranormal Activity 4" hit the Internet this week (has it really been a year since I wrote this?), and it's chock full of found footage, creepy kids and low-rent effects that could creep out even the most jaded of horror fans.

While part 3 turned back the clock to Katie's (Katie Featherstone) creepy childhood, the upcoming part 4 takes place five years after the events in part 2, which ended with a possessed Katie kidnapping her young nephew, Hunter.

When Katie is hospitalized, her "son" "Robbie" (really Hunter) moves in with the neighbors, including webcam-addicted teenager Alice. Soon, chandeliers start falling, poltergeists move stuff around and a Kinect turns their suburban living room into a spooky ghost disco. 

Once again directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the scares appear to be there, but even fans of the series have to be getting a little weary of these tricks by now. 

Brady Allen (Robbie) could play Damien in another remake of "The Omen," and Featherstone's role appears to be little more than a cameo this time around. This bulk of the screaming and crying seems to be on newcomer Kathryn Newton, who plays this film's central figure, Alice.  

"Paranormal Activity 4" opens October 19.

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