Let's talk a little more about this first arc of "New Warriors." Are the High Evolutionary's actions in this story a reaction at all to the detonation of the Terigenesis Bomb in "Infinity?"

Yes, that is definitely something that sparks him into action, but there's other reasons as well and it's all tied together. The evolution of humanity in the Marvel Universe is at the forefront of the High Evolutionary's mind, but there's a bigger threat looming.

The High Evolutionary is one of those villains that doesn't see himself as a villain. He has very heroic intentions.

Are you able to reveal, without tipping your hand, if the New Warriors' battle against the High Evolutionary is something that will be resolved in the first arc? Or will he be an ongoing concern?

The immediate threat is what we're doing with in the first arc, but it's like an "X-Files"-style show where you have your mythology arcs and your fun stuff in between. So there's definitely a kind of through line.

Artist Marcus To will bring the "New Warriors" adventures to life. What do you feel he brings to the book and characters like Kaine and his teammates?

I worked with Marcus over at DC on a book Called "Red Robin" back before the New 52. He and I just hit it off. Every time I got a page from him it was exactly as I imagined it only a thousand times better. He's amazing at drawing younger characters and this is a team of younger characters. They're not kids and they're not really adults. They're kind of that college age crowd, with a couple of exceptions like Aracely and Sam Alexander. So not only does he bring amazing art, but he gives the characters a real world youth look.

How would you describe the overall tone, scope and scale of "New Warriors?" Are you, Kane and Aracely moving from street level action to epic super hero tales?

Like I said, we're going to do a little bit of everything. The tone is definitely old school Marvel, which means it's fun. It's big adventure and big stakes, but there's always going to be some fun there.

This is not going to be a grim book. There will be intense moments and some huge stakes, but we're going to have some fun with it. It's not going to start out this way, but by the end of the day, these are going to be characters that are together because they want to be together. They're not just a team because they're on call to save the world. At a certain point they're just going to have fun.

I do recall a sense of fun being a big part of the run of writer Fabian Nicieza who was the first writer to pen a "New Warriors" series.

Yeah, Fabian's run is kind of the touchstone for us. It was great characters, great action, huge Marvel Universe adventures and if those guys weren't out saving the world together they'd still be together.

Finally, it feels like the end of "Scarlet Spider" was really just an end to one chapter in Kaine's life, and now with this next chapter in "New Warriors" you're going to see what happens when he becomes part of something larger. Is that accurate?

I'm so grateful to everyone who supported "Scarlet Spider." The fact that a book about a clone of Spider-Man made it two years is just staggering. I honestly thought it would maybe last three or four issues. I think everybody that enjoyed Kaine in "Scarlet Spider" is going to enjoy him here in "New Warriors" where he's thrust into a situation where he's got to work well with others. If you know Kaine at all you know there's going to be some problems there. [Laughs]

So yes, this is the next step of Kaine's growth and journey. Putting him in with other heroes is really going to hold a mirror up to him. So I'm excited for that to start and I'm excited to explore the other characters as well. I've got a lot of big stuff planned. So hopefully people will join us for the ride!

"New Warriors" #1 by Chris Yost and Marcus To goes on sale February 19, 2014.

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