How much story time passes between the end of "Scarlet Spider" #25 and the beginning of "New Warriors" #1?

It all goes back to that last page. When you pick up "New Warriors" #1 in February you're actually going to see a couple of scenes from this issue. It literally picks up seconds after that end moment where Aracely asks, "Why is the water red?"

 So Kaine and Aracely are still in Mexico then when "New Warriors" begins, and it felt like you were laying the ground work in "Scarlet Spider" for a Mexico-set epic involving Aztec mythology that you never got to tell. Is there a chance we'll see that story in "New Warriors?"

If "New Warriors" gets past the first year where we kind of establish the team then we can get to a couple of "Scarlet Spider" stories that actually fit better in "New Warriors" than they would have in "Scarlet Spider." The Aztec story is one of those, and a very clone-centric story is another.

So if people want to see those stories they should pick up "New Warriors?"

Exactly. People who love Kaine should be reading "New Warriors" because he's a big part of it.

Can you talk about how Kaine becomes involved with the New Warriors? He doesn't seem like the team joining type, and it doesn't seem like a super team would try to recruit him into their ranks.

It's one of those books where the situation throws all these people together. Kaine isn't looking to join the team and they're not exactly asking him to join up, but they're thrust into this situation together. In order to A) survive it and B) save the world they have to work together.

So it's very much an Avengers-style situation?

Very much. It's a situation happening all over the world where you've got these entities called the Evolutionaries attacking all these various groups for mysterious purposes. Kaine gets sucked into one of those attacks.

I imagine the Evolutionaries are connected in some way to the High Evolutionary, who's been revealed to be one of the main antagonists in "New Warriors." I imagine given who his father is Kaine would not react well to an encounter with another megalomaniacal geneticist. Is that true?

That is true, and the Evolutionaries and the High Evolutionary don't have a particularly high opinion of clones. The High Evolutionary has a very specific mandate and none of the New Warriors, for reasons that will become quickly obvious, are that happy about his agenda.

Let's move away from the Scarlet Spider's role in "New Warriors" to a couple questions in general about the book. What kinds of genres are you interested in tackling in "New Warriors?"

The thing that I really wanted for "New Warriors" was to make it a true Marvel Universe book. This is a team that kind of has one of everything; a human, a super human, a mutant, a space person, a clone, an Atlantean, an Inhuman and a magic person. The goal of the book is to be able to tell any story in the Marvel Universe.

Once we set up the book we'll be able to do a space story, an Inhumans story and an X-Men story. Our team is the ultimate in diversity, which means we can do a story in any corner of the Marvel Universe.

Will the New Warriors operate in New York City, the sort of heart of the Marvel Universe?

They're going to be stationed in Eastern Europe, but something's going to happen that will allow them to get anywhere in the world in no time for any kind of reason.

Will they be stationed in a real world Eastern European country or one of the small Marvel Universe nations like Symkaria?

It's a very specific Marvel Universe location, but they'll hang out in real places. Much like in "Scarlet Spider" where we really made the most of Houston, our characters will be going to clubs and bars in places like Prague.

Okay, so in terms of super action "New Warriors" will take readers everywhere, but the sub plots and the social interactions might occur in places that we don't get to see very much of?

For sure.

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