Although his Devilish name suggests otherwise, Hellboy is actually a pretty angelic kind of guy.

Ron Perlman, who played the comic book-derived superhero in two films directed by Guillermo del Toro, paid a special visit to a child in a hospital via the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

While most kids seem to wish to meet sports icons or even movie stars, 6-year-old Zachary, who's undergoing treatment for leukemia, wanted to meet someone much cooler: Hellboy. 

The Foundation contacted "Hellboy" makeup wizards Spectral Motion with his request, and they brought in Perlman, who jumped at the chance to put on the heavy red makeup, oversized right hand, and trademark trench coat once again for the daylong visit, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Zachary was even made up to look like a miniature Hellboy for the day.

Spectral Motion has more pics of the encounter on their Facebook page.

Perlman and del Toro are re-teaming for the upcoming "Pacific Rim," and have long flirted with the idea of a third "Hellboy" film. 

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