It may come as no surprise, but Robert Downey Jr.'s strength at the box office has led him, according to Forbes, to take the crown as the highest paid actor from June 2012 to June 2013. Forbes estimates that Downey Jr. took in about $75 million dollars over the 12 month period.
The time frame in question, of course, featured the release of "Iron Man 3" and a portion of "The Avengers" theatrical run. With Robert Downey Jr. signing on to reprise the role of Tony Stark in at least two "Avengers" sequels, his numbers for those years should be pretty good as well.
The rest of the top five, in order, are: Channing Tatum ($60 million), Hugh Jackman ($55 million), Mark Wahlberg ($52 million), and Dwayne Johnson ($46 million). It should be noted that all of these numbers, including Downey Jr.'s, are not officially reported figures but rather the numbers Forbes arrived at after talking to "agents, producers, manager and other people in-the-know." No deductions were made for fees to agents, managers, lawyers, etc.
With film release schedules factoring heavily into the actors' totals, these numbers may shift drastically from year-to-year, but there is no questioning that all five of these men are, at the moment, Hollywood heavyweights.


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