As a part of their announcement today, Warner Brothers slated a "Cyborg" movie for 2020.  Ray Fisher is going to be taking on the lead role in the film as Victor Stone/Cyborg. 

That is going to make Ray Fisher the first big screen, big solo title, African-American superhero since Wesley Snipes was Blade (excluding "Hancock").  For the record, the last "Blade" film, "Blade: Trinity" was released in 2004.  That means that it will be about 16 years between it and "Cyborg," depending on the exact release date for the new movie.

We will, however, be seeing Fisher in the role of Cyborg before that stand-alone effort.  Between now and then there are at least two "Justice League" movies, several solo efforts, and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."  Fisher is slated to appear in "Dawn of Justice," at minimum, and as a larger universe is being built, it would be terribly premature to assume he won't make at least a few other appearances between 2016 and 2020.

Keep checking back today and going forward, as we keep analyzing just what this announcement means.

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