It's been five years since ABC debuted "Shark Tank," an adaptation of the international format known as "Dragon's Den." In that time, the show has grown in both ratings and in its entertainment, and that's primarily thanks to its cast of six multi-millionaire/billionaire investors.

While those who pitch the sharks often have interesting stories, the sharks are the real stars. The "Tank" is at its best when they're fighting passionately to convince entrepreneurs of the value of their offer and their value as an investor--or when they're working together to go after a business or go after each other.

Now that the show is mixing the sharks up (instead of just swapping out Barbara for Lori, both women appear and another shark sits out), it's found even more possibility for debate, conflict, and partnership.

All the sharks have experience and knowledge, but as TV stars and investors, their value and worth varies. Here's a look of all six regular sharks and what they bring to "Shark Tank."