Pharrell Williams is no stranger to animation; "Happy," his biggest solo hit, was from the "Despicable Me 2" soundtrack.
Now the super producer-turned-"Voice" coach has taken his fondness for animation and video games a step further in the new video for "It Girl." Gwen Stefani should love it. 

The psychedelic clip mashes up "Sailor Moon"-like anime with 8-bit Nintendo-style gameplay and surreal, painterly animation. Williams pops up in different forms throughout -- usually sporting a variation of his trademark hat -- to interact with jailbait bikini girls. He even selects different outfits for his wide-eyed anime friends to wear, before buying them a spaceship thing to blow up other things. It's good old-fashioned, creepy fun. Or maybe it's just creepy. You be the judge.

Watch it below:

"It Girl" is on Williams' solo debut "Girl," and the video premiered on "Today" earlier this morning.

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