Peter Weller on 'Sons of Anarchy's' moral code and gun control: Watch

Season 6 premiere 'stunned' 'Star Trek Into Darkness' star

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Peter Weller has a strong opinion on gun control and other controversies about the 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 6 Premiere

"Sons of Anarchy" co-star Peter Weller sure has a lot to say.

HitFix caught up with the actor at an event celebrating the DVD/Blu-ray release of Weller's latest film, "Star Trek Into Darkness," and asked him about the shocking season 6 premiere of the FX drama. 

"I was stunned. They're not politically correct, that show," he explains before launching into a rapid-fire response that touches on everything from race relations, Oedipus, absurdist playwright Eugene Ianesco, the founding fathers and cockroaches, which segues into an impassioned statement about gun control.

Take a deep breath and watch the full interview at the top of the story. 

The new season of "Sons of Anarchy" continues Tuesday, September 17 on FX.

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